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NZ Art Show 2021

Cath Kelley was selected to exhibit at the NZ Art Show 2021!


The NZ Art Show celebrates art from emerging artists, established artists, and all those in between, nurturing and supporting them in the various stages of their career. The show has also established itself as the premier place for New Zealander’s to start or grow their art collection.




Infrared Photography 

Infrared photography brings the invisible world all around us into focus using the infrared light spectrum. See the extraordinary world we live in hidden within the ordinary. 



Cath Kelley

I am a photographer who specialises in infrared photography. I paint with Light. Come on a journey with me into a world that is familiar yet surreal.



The Collection

View Cath Kelley's current collection of stunning infrared photography, and order your own piece of limited edition canvas-mounted 'Light Painting'.

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