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About Cath Kelley

Infrared Artist

Painting with Light


I am a photographer who specialises in a small, niche area of photography. I use a specialised camera to capture only the lightwaves beyond the visible spectrum, and process the digital images using professional software similar to "developing" negatives. I will take you on a journey into a world that is familiar yet surreal.

Infrared lightwaves travel at different speeds to visible lightwaves and the colours I am able to tease out of the images, are determined by multiple factors as the subject absorbs or reflects the infrared light. Understanding the physics of lightwaves, and using my skill as a photographer, I am able to capture the world that sits just beyond our vision and capture images that invite you to get close, to touch them.


This is why my infrared images are printed on Premium Cotton Canvas, UV protected, to allow the owner to touch, feel, and become immersed in the world of infrared. They are images that will pull you into another world and leave you wondering if it is a photograph or a painting. 


Living in rural Manawatu I am never without my infrared camera and inspiring opportunities, and although my work has been recognised in photography competitions my passion is to introduce people to the fascinating world of infrared photography and pass on my knowledge to other photographers.

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